Tips to help your dog to cope with fireworks

  • Create a safe den for your dog. A crate is a good place if your pet already sleeps in one. Cover it with a thick blanket and provide favourite toys. If your dog is not used to sleeping in a crate try moving their regular bed under a table or into a smaller area to make it more cosy.
  • Close all the curtains and windows.
  • Distract your dog by keeping on the TV or radio.
  • Give your dog a Kong stuffed with yummy treats.
  • Play games with your dog so that they are doing something fun.
  • Stay calm yourself. If you worry, your dog will pick up on this and become more anxious.
  • Walk your dog early on before the fireworks start and make sure the collar and lead are secure so if frightened your dog isn’t able to break free and run off.
  • There is a range of calming products available which can alleviate stress. It is best to start these a few weeks beforehand.

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