Thursday 21st September 2017

Tonight pupils took their Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze award. 6 pupils took the test and all 6 passed. Everyone did very well, not a paw out of place. The training and hard work that has been put in was clearly evident tonight, the examiner even said it was the highest standard she had seen in a while.

Many thanks to Anne Dawson who carried out the examination, in a fair manner, following the guidelines to a tee and ensuring only those worthy of the award passed, which just happened to be everyone.

Peter Bates and Duckie

Amy Bates and Bull

Judy Betts and Izzy

Dave Betts and Teddy

Alicia Chappell and Sunny

Shona Smith and Sally

1 minute stay

1 minute stay

Teddy going through the gate

Control amongst people and dogs

Control through the gate

A proud Bull with his award.

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