Puppy Daycare

Overseen by Advanced Canine Behavourist Hannah Winship and a dedicated team, our Premium Puppy Daycare service includes:

*Controlled play *Toilet Training *Socialisation *Food Manners *Place/crate training *Bite inhibition

We provide a warm and cosy environment for your puppy to grow and socialise. We provide safe, stimulating and structured care for your puppy, enabling them to learn through play during their time with us.

Puppies can bring their own “Pack up”

Puppies go home with a daily report card

Owners can attend monthly “Parents Evenings”

Puppies from 2nd vaccination up to 6 months

From 7am to 7pm

£150 for 5 days or £35 per day

Upgrades such as: Puppy Groom, Clicker training, Puppy Pack Walks, Puppy Obedience

can be added at £5 each

PHONE: 01904 728235   EMAIL: info@snowlandia.co.uk



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