Advice for walking in those cold winter months

Make sure yourself and dog are visible. Reflective clothing, torches and flashing lights or a light up halo for your dog will help to make you both more visible. It is important that motorists can see you and that you can see your dog at all times.

Attach a bell to your dogs collar so you can hear where your dog is.

Make sure your dog has an ID tag attached to it’s collar and that the microchip details are current.

When walking in the dark it is safer to have your dog on a long lead as you never know when a rabbit or other dog may appear.

When going out alone with your dog lets someone know where you are going and when you expect to be back. Make sure you have your phone with you and that it’s charged!

Stay warm on your walks, there are many coats and fleeces available for dogs, including HOTTERdog garments which are water repellent.

When returning from your walk wipe down paws, legs and underneath’s – grit salt can be dangerous to dogs and dry your dog off to prevent any muscle injures or your dog getting cold.

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